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Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen Translation in Urdu available on our site you easily Surah Yaseen online read without any distraction. This Surah Ya-Sin heart of Quran Kareem and Muslims daily Read (Tilawat). But If you read this surah in your  daily routine you will Surah Yaseen download Pdf file, save in your mobile ,laptop or Computer easily. Here all this surah yaseen with Urdu translation you easily read and understand. Surah Yassen ki Tilawal yaha ap log Urdu Tarjuma ke sath kr sakty hain.

Note: Before start reading ( Tilawat ) must be Do Ablution( وضو).

                                               (Surah Ya-Sin)

This Surah is 36th surah of Holy Quran. It is consist of 5 rukus 83 verses, 733 words and 2988 letters. this surah was revealed in Makkah. It is placed in para 22 and 23.
our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) Said

” This Surah is the Heart of Quran”.

It is called the heart of the Quran because it presents the message of the Quran in a very forceful way.
Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) also said

” Recite Surah Yasin on your dying”.

Surah Yaseen has four main Topics to understand.

1)  Firstly, To warn the disbelievers of their oppression.
2) Signs of Towhead from the Universe and Common sense.
3) Signs of the Hereafter (Aakhirat) from the universe and common sense and man’s own existence.
4)Belief in the authenticity of the message of Muhammad ( PBUH).

what is the heart of Quran ?

This surah-Yasin is the heart of Quran.